Oprah Winfrey on Marriage

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Oprah Winfrey on Marriage
Tue 24-01-2012

At Jaipur Literature Festival in India, Oprah Winfrey explains she is too old for marriage.

Oprah: "I live in a country that allows me to have the choice of not marrying. If I would have married, he would have been a wonderful husband, but I'll be honest that we would have been divorced by now. I'm my own person, and I find it difficult to conform to other people's ideas about me. And being married does call for some conformity. I respect the women of India who were in arranged marriages, which later turned into love marriages. 

But that's just not a part of the way I think because I wasn't brought up in this culture. And I think I'm too old now. I was engaged once in my 30s for a while, and like most women I just wanted to see if he cared anough to want to marry me. And then i told my friend that i don't just have cold feet, my feet are in a bucket of cement."