Owl Hired to Fly Rings to Bride and Groom

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Owl Hired to Fly Rings to Bride and Groom
Sun 24-11-2013

Mail Online reported that a couple who got married in Hoghton, Lancashire, made sure the day was even more memorable.

The bride, Ceire, 33, said: "It was absolutely hilarious. We wanted our wedding to be something different and this made sure it was."

"If we’d just had the owl delivering the rings then our guests would have talked about it for maybe five minutes."

"Because of what happened, people are still talking about it now. It really broke the ice and stopped everyone feeling nervous."

Ceire is a big Harry Potter fan and she wanted to incorporate this into the wedding day.

"Eventually it started flying up the aisle, but then it veered off and almost flew in Ceire’s face. Then it just flew up into the beams and stayed up there for about five minutes - only it felt a lot longer."

"But we didn’t know how to get the bird down and the guy from the sanctuary pulled out a dead chick to coax it down."

"It was a bit of a surreal moment really, I didn’t expect to be holding a piece of chicken and trying to lure an owl down from the roof with a dead chick on my wedding day."

"The guests were all really laughing. And it did stop me from feeling so nervous."

Ceire added: "I didn’t mind at all. It was still the best day of my life. Everything else went to plan, this was just a little hiccup in my perfect day."