Palistinian Prisoner Meets Wife After 20 Years

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Palistinian Prisoner Meets Wife After 20 Years
Mon 26-08-2013

Samir Mortaja (43 years old) is now free after being imprisoned for 20 years.

He got arrested in October 1993, just weeks after his wedding and was sentenced to 20 years in prison with charges of being a member in the Islamic Resistance "Hamas".

Samir Mortaja expressed his joy of finally being able to start a family and have a proper honeymoon after 20 years.

Samir explained his story sitting next to his wife: "I got arrested only a few weeks after my wedding, the Israeli forces invaded my house and arrested me, my wife waited for me for 20 years, I couldn't wait to get back to her to start a new life, we celebrated a new wedding and I am still a newlywed."

The last time Samir saw his parents was 20 years ago, as they passed away while he was still in prison.

Source: Albawaba