Peruvian Actor and Environment Activist Marries a Tree

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 Peruvian Actor and Environment Activist Marries a Tree
Sat 16-11-2013

A Peruvian actor and environmental activist has married a tree in Buenos Aires in an effort to draw attention to global environmental concerns.

Richard Torres carried a bouquet as the wedding party approached his "Bride" in one of the city's main parks.

The Peruvian actor and activist laid symbolic offerings at the base of the tree before confirming his wedding vows and receiving a ring. He even gave the tree a kiss.

"We want to use this in our own way to send out a little message with this wedding so that we all become more conscious that our dear Mother Nature must be saved," Mr.Torres said after the ceremony.

While this is Torres' first ecological event outside of his native Peru, the actor plans to bring his unique form of activism to various countries throughout Latin America.