Photographer Decides To Be Her Own Wedding Photographer

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Photographer Decides To Be Her Own Wedding Photographer
Thu 17-09-2015

When photographer Liisa Luts got married back on August 28th, she did something rather unusual: she decided to be the official photographer at her own wedding.

Instead of traditional photos documenting events on her happy day, Luts decided to shoot the day from her perspective, starting with waking up in the morning and all the way to going to sleep at night.

Based in Tallinn, Estonia, Luts and her husband run a small company that offers photography, videography, and animation services.

“When we decided to get married, we knew that we don’t want the stress and fuss about all the wedding related issues. We just wanted to make it legal and celebrate a bit,” Luts tells PetaPixel. “That’s why we tried to avoid the wedding planning process in general and just go with the flow. And a valid part of that concept was my decision to shoot my own wedding.”

She says it wasn’t a financial issue or any problem with availability, since she has many great photographer friends and contacts.

“I just felt that I want something different, not those posed beauty shots and not that post-processed glamorous photo gallery,” she says. “With all respect to the wedding photographers, I just wanted something more ‘us’ and therefore more authentic.”

“And what could be more real than me taking the photos myself on the way as the day goes?”