Photographer Shares Picture of Client Calling Her Ugliest Bride He's Ever Seen

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Photographer Shares Picture of Client Calling Her Ugliest Bride He's Ever Seen
Fri 08-05-2015

A wedding photographer has apologised after a post appeared on his Facebook page which described a newlywed woman as the "ugliest bride I have ever photographed", adding she "whinged the whole time".

The post appeared on the official business page of Lee Maxwell Judd, a wedding photographer based in New South Wales, Australia, and has prompted a flood of criticism directed at the page. 

The abusive message came below a picture of a newlywed couple, Ashlea and Daniel Howard, who had hired Judd as the photographer for their wedding in February.

The Facebook page has since been inundated with critical reviews

The full post read: "Ugliest bride I have ever photographed. Whinged the whole time. Bridezilla #1."

Mrs Howard said she was "mortified" by the post, claiming that it came after the couple complained about a problem with the delivery of their photos.

Judd has since distanced himself from the post, saying the "page was compromised" after his account was hacked.

The post prompted a flurry of critical reviews on the photographer's Facebook page

He said: "Apologies to all concerned. My FB page was compromised by a computer hack yesterday evening."

Users have posted hundreds of reviews on his page criticising him for the post, and have received angry responses in return - including one message from the photographer's account that told a critic to "get back in your trailer".

On Mr Judd's personal Facebook page, he posted a link to a news story about the incident, saying "I'm finally infamous."