Photos: Could Beren Saat Marry Kenan Doğulu Soon?

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Photos: Could Beren Saat Marry Kenan Doğulu Soon?
Wed 11-04-2012

The Turkish actress Beren Saat, known as Fatma or Samar, is being more open about her relationship with her boyfriend Turkish singer Kenan Doğulu .

The couple was known to be very private when it came to their relationship, but for past few months Beren and Kenan have been going out in public more and more, holding hands and accepting interviews.

The couple has denied that they will get married anytime soon, they explained that they are still too young to tie the knot.

Beren and Kenan announced their relationship when they attended their friend's wedding a couple of months ago.

Rumor has it that Beren and her family invited Kenan and his family for dinner but his family refused and did not attend, but Kenan's mother and brothers denied this rumor later on, and explained that they have nothing against Beren and Kenan getting married!

The pictures were taken from ElNashra Fan:




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