Pictures: 9 of the Biggest Celebrity Closets!

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Pictures: 9 of the Biggest Celebrity Closets!
Wed 02-05-2012

Have you ever wondered how celebrity closets look like, or which celebrities have the biggest wardrobe? Well, be prepared to be jealous!

Kimora Lee Simmons:
Kimora has more than 500 pairs of jeans and 35 Hermes Birkin Bags. The closet has a leopard print carpet, and a flat screen TV!

Mariah Carey:
Mariah has 1000 pairs of shoes! Yes, 1000! Her closet has been compared to a department store. It is 12,000 square feet, and she sorts her pieces by fabric and color.

Eva Longoria:
She has more than 50 pairs of jeans, and her closet is full of Christian Louboutin espadrille wedges in every color! 

Paula Abdul:
Paula's closet is 5000 square feet and she numbers her clothes and accessories so that she can pack easily.

Christina Aguilera:
This star has 2 big walk-in closets! One for clothes and another one for shoes. Her shoes are displayed in order of designer.

Kim Kardashian: 
Kim had a guest room converted into a wardrobe, and has 9 Hermes Birkin Handbags, 142 handbags, 34 clutches, and 318 pairs of shoes, including 63 pairs of Louboutins!

Paris Hilton:
Pars Hilton has different closets for shoes, jewelry, and clothes! 

Jessica Alba:
Jessica also changed a bedroom into a closet, and her closet is full of shoes and hats.

Her closet was created by joining 2 bedrooms. She also stores her clothes in order of category and color.