Pictures: Bride-to-Be Lost Half Her Weight to Fit in Wedding Dress

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Pictures: Bride-to-Be Lost Half Her Weight to Fit in Wedding Dress
Sun 21-09-2014

Bride-to-be Kirsty Thomas spotted the wedding dress of her dreams and knew she had to have it.

There was just one problem, she needed to lose half her weight to fit in it.

Kirsty was a size 16 when she spotted the dress but discovered it was only made in a size 8.

Determined Kirsty bought the dress anyway, and amazingly managed to lose all the weight ahead of her big day.

Kirsty, 25, said: "When I saw the dress, I just knew that I had to have it."

"The fact that it was only available in a size 8 was just the incentive I needed to really transform my life and get back into shape."
'I am the type of person who can easily put on 4lb over the course of a weekend if eating lots of fattening things and having ice cream for dessert.

Switching to a healthier low-fat diet, cutting out the snacking and beginning to exercise saw the pounds fall off

The final trigger which encouraged her to knuckle down and diet was a holiday in the Dominican Republic.

Kirsty said: "I remember walking down the beach and being approached by a group of women who were all in great shape and looked amazing in their bikinis."

"I felt so self-conscious because I was so badly out of shape and could see they were looking at me. I knew I had to change."

Kirsty achieved this feat by completely changing her diet and exercising regularly.

Kirsty says her wedding day was the 'happiest' of her life and that she loved looking at the pictures afterwards.