Pictures: Grandmas Turn Into Adorable Flower Girls

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Pictures: Grandmas Turn Into Adorable Flower Girls
Thu 20-08-2015

Couple Rachel and Patrick Givens came up with an out-of-the-ordinary way to honor their awesome grandmas at their wedding: by asking them to be co-flower "ladies."

The bride's grandma Renee Ruben a.k.a. DD and Patrick's grandma Joanne C. Reich tossed petals as they made their way down the aisle at the couple's August 8 wedding at The Barns at Wesleyan Hills in Middletown, Connecticut. 

"They both ecstatically accepted, thrilled that we had asked them to be in the wedding," Rachel told The Huffington Post. "They loved telling everyone that they were the flower 'ladies.' I think DD may have even pumped her fist when I asked her and yelled, 'Alright!'" 

The wedding weekend was the first time their two grandmas had met each other. They hit it off instantly. 


"They linked arms during their practice walk down the aisle at the rehearsal on Friday and again as they lined up for their real walk on Saturday," the bride said. "At one point, Patrick stepped away from the dance floor and walked towards the bridal suite at the venue. When he looked in, the grandmas were sitting in there together chatting over coffee, a brief moment away from the party getting to know each other. They also both absolutely ripped up the dance floor! 


Both Rachel and her husband have close relationships with their grandmas and wanted them to have an official part in the wedding. 

"Our grandmothers are very similar," Rachel said. "They are women who are a lot of fun, full of life, who fiercely love their families and would do anything for us. We asked them to be our flower girls because we knew they would have the best time doing it, as I'm sure you can see on their faces."

Source: Huffington Post