Pictures: Largest American Bride Weighs 362 Kg

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Pictures: Largest American Bride Weighs 362 Kg
Tue 17-02-2015

A woman who weighed 362kg still has hopes of being America's biggest bride after finding love once again.

Susann Eman, 36, tipped the scales at more than 362kg when she was engaged to chef Parker Clack and was hoping to become the world's fattest person.

The pair had set a date to be married but Clack ended the relationship just days before the big day, because she has lost some weight.

The mum-of-two, from Arizona, had even had a dress specially-made which required 41 meters of cloth.

But Susanne told Inside Edition she didn't enjoy her smaller frame saying "I felt absolutely tiny".

Now she has hopes of once again stepping into her wedding gown after meeting a new love online.

Boyfriend Nick Abbate, also 36, says he put an ad out for lady who was “fun and enjoys to eat".

"As crazy as that is, I got her!” he enthused.

Incredibly, Nick was once morbidly obese himself but has since slimmed down and has written books on weight loss.

But he likes nothing more than preparing Susanne's huge meals in a bid to get her back to her previous size.

She eats an astonishing 20,000 calories a day, including a breakfast which encompasses 1lb of bacon, six eggs, 4 potatoes covered in sour cream, a plate of burritos and 2 litres of cola and milkshakes.

Despite only nibbling a salad in comparison, Nick is smitten with Susanne.