Pictures: A Magical Iceland Wedding

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Pictures: A Magical Iceland Wedding
Mon 09-02-2015

An adventurous Canadian couple took the notion of a white wedding to whole new heights when they wed atop an Icelandic glacier last summer.

Landon Woods and Tara Coultish, who live in Alberta, Canada, got married without guests on June 27 2014 at the Myrdalsjokull glacier in Southern Iceland, a lofty 1,280-meter-high icecap which sits on an active volcano.

Tara, 39, wore a knee-length strapless wedding gown with snow boots and her now-husband, 31-year-old geoscientist Landon, donned a suit with a red tie. 

Tara armed herself with an amber and crimson bouquet and a handheld GPS, which bore the exact location of the noon ceremony. 

The couple read out their vows, which they wrote themselves, before the robed officiator and buried gemstone hearts in the snow, symbolizing the bond of their marriage lasting through the flow of time.

After the wedding, the newlyweds explored their surroundings together and visited the site of an old plane wreck.

Source: Daily Mail