Pictures: Maleficent Themed Wedding

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Pictures: Maleficent Themed Wedding
Wed 12-11-2014

Another wedding photo shoot inspired by a Disney movie! But this time the wedding was inspired by an unexpecred movie, Maleficent!

The faux-wedding shoot was organized by wedding inspiration blog The Rebellious Bridesand shot by ProudRad Photography in the Batangas province of the Philippines.

The Rebellious Brides explained the inspiration behind the shoot in a blog post:

"We grew up idolizing Cinderella and that’s probably the reason why we are hung up on the “classic” kind of bride."

"But we’ve come to a new era, a new era when children these days love characters like Elsa and Maleficent. Characters who are not your typical heroines, they are in fact REBELLIOUS."

Naturally, the dark, rich tones of Maleficent paint a very different picture from the airy, floating-on-clouds feel that many of us have come to expect from wedding photography.