Pictures: Man Proposes 2,300 Feet High on Trolltunga in Norway

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Pictures: Man Proposes 2,300 Feet High on Trolltunga in Norway
Fri 09-01-2015

Harald Six, 21, was told by girlfriend Hanna Troch, 22, she expected an original marriage proposal. So, he took her to Trolltunga in Odda, Norway, a 2,300ft high horizontal jutting rock with incredible views.

She said yes and the couple, from Gent in Belgium, are planning to marry in August this year

Hanna, 22, who also lives in Gent, made it clear, when it comes to suggestions of marriage, she expected something great and challenged him to propose in the most amazing way possible.

Determined not to let her down, Harald asked her to marry him on the edge of a scenic ledge on the spectacular Trolltunga in Odda, Norway, 2,300 ft high.

The Trolltunga is a piece of rock which juts horizontally out of a mountain in the Skjeggedal area, near to the villages of Tyssedal and the Sørfjorden. It overlooks lake Ringedalsvatnet and its translated name means 'the troll's tongue'.

Harald said: "She made clear she wanted an original marriage proposal when it came to being asked."

Harald said, "We smiled and people were clapping - it was the most amazing moment of my life, on the most amazing spot I had ever been."

"When we were up there I warned her to stay calm."

"I took her hand and got her away from the edge as I went on one knee."

"It seemed like never ending seconds before she said yes."