Pictures: Obese Couple Lost 50 Kilos Before Wedding

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Pictures: Obese Couple Lost 50 Kilos Before Wedding
Thu 09-07-2015

Bryce Mulvey and Amber Brown collectively weighed more than 242 kg, but they shed the weight for their special day!

Bryce Mulvey and Amber Brown appeared on the show in a bid to shed some weight ahead of their special day, and begged the reality show presenters Chris and Heidi Powell for their help.

The stars were even invited to be groomsman and bridesmaid at the ceremony after helping the couple go beyond their initial target.

At the 90 day weigh-in, Bryce - who initially weighed 183kg - lost 40 kg , whilst Amber dropped 30kg from her original weight of 112kg.

It meant the pair had hit their targets, but they weren't done - a year after starting the programme, they tied the knot and followed it up with one final weigh-in.

After the heartwarming ceremony, Bryce weighed in at 93kg thanks to an incredible 45kg loss, while Amber's final weight was 70kg  after she was able to lose a total of 40kg.

Bryce has taken to Twitter to share a picture of the couple on what appears to be their honeymoon.

He posted an emotional message, thanking the team for helping him marry his "sexy best friend".

He wrote: "Thanks to everyone and there kind words. @amberbrownie are happier today than I could ever imagine.. Sometimes I pinch myself in disbelief that I got to transform my life and get married to my sexy best friend....

"Thank you @realchrispowell @realheidipowell for everything you have done for us and our family. Love you guys and it's an honor to call you friends! ...

"And #myladyfingers couldn't keep her hands off me during the honeymoon ...that's right girl #teammulvey #ExtremeWeightLoss #LoveCantWeight #doinglifebig and #bebetterthanaverage @symmetry_oc (sic)"