Pictures: Underwater Wedding in Yucatan Cenote

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Pictures: Underwater Wedding in Yucatan Cenote
Sat 26-07-2014

On Sunday July 20th, an underwater wedding in Yucatan in Mexico was witnessed by dozens of friends and fellow divers, who participated in the marriage ceremony of Ana Beatriz Varguez Iuit and Isaac Chan Tec, celebrated in the depths of Nohmozón cenote located at Tecoh Municipality.

"This gives a different meaning to our lives;  it is a unique experience that we will remember forever," Ana, the bride, said after the event.

Ana wore a white wedding dress and Isaac wore a tuxedo for this special occasion. Hand in hand they descended the stairs to the water where there already awaited dozens of their colleagues.  From there, they all descended to the bottom of the cenote to begin the ritual.

During the ceremony, different diving signs were used, with different symbolic meanings, such as “sharing air” between husband and wife, demonstrating trust and closeness; “Swap lights” symbolizing that “love is the light that will keep them together”; “Follow the line of life” symbolizing that together they will find the solution to any problem and live the happiest days of their lives.

At the end of the ceremony, the couple took the marriage vows and commitments, which was followed by a brief diving tour by all the divers who witnessed the ceremony along with the just-married couple.  For a “Grand Finale”, the bride and groom danced an underwater waltz to the sound of the bubbles in a breathtaking scene of the Yucatecan underwater world.

Source: the yucatan times

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