Pictures: A Unique Star Wars Inspired Wedding

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Pictures: A Unique Star Wars Inspired Wedding
Tue 10-02-2015

Jennifer Landa and Joshua Busch, whose amazing Star Wars-themed wedding is being shared all over the internet.

A self-described "lifelong fan" of the film franchise, Landa knew she wanted to include it in the wedding details somehow, while still keeping the event classy. "We tried to create an atmosphere that was whimsical, romantic, and modern," she told Green Wedding Shoes. 

For the most part, she kept the details subtle, a blinged-out Stormtrooper belt here, a flower girl in Leia buns there, but she couldn't resist having two real-life Stormtroopers preside over the entire affair. 

And what Star Wars-themed wedding would be complete without Darth Vader? Much to Landa's surprise, her father donned the baddie's suit (complete with breathing apparatus and lightsaber) for their dance together. Guests partied into the night with lightsabers of their own.