Pictures: Woman Refuses $4000 Marriage Proposal

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Pictures: Woman Refuses $4000 Marriage Proposal
Mon 09-02-2015

A Melbourne man's afternoon ended in the exact opposite way he hoped when an extravagant proposal to his girlfriend was turned down.

Michael, who wished to be identified only by his first name, forked out thousands of dollars to have the worlds 'Maree Marry Me' with a love heart to next to it splashed across the bright blue midday sky on Thursday.

But unfortunately Maree did not take him up on his offer.

Michael proposed to Maree on Thursday in Melbourne with a message in the sky 

The man's plight was originally aired when he called into Melbourne radio station 3AW, after a number of Melbournians took to social media posting photos of the heartfelt sky writing.

Michael told Daily Mail Australia he and Maree had been in a relationship for eight years before they split nine months ago.

'We talked about it a few weeks earlier and I thought there's got to be something else I can do to show I care about her,' he said.

'I thought it would be a nice idea to see her name up in the sky and let her know how much she means,' Michael continued.

He also revealed he had been planning the grand gesture since January, and had chosen the public declaration of love to try and win Maree back.

The timing had to be perfect in order to ensure that Maree was outside and able to see the message in the sky, but much to his dismay Michael's offer was turned down.

'She said no, and said she's moved on.'

Despite being turned down, Michael is trying to remain positive: 'At least I know I've tried my best' 

'For what the intention was for me it wasn't expensive, I would have paid anything', he said. 

And although he was turned down and the relationship between he and Maree is well and truly over, Michael remains positive.

'At least I know I've tried my best', he said. 

Source: Daily Mail