Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing After a Couple Get Into a Fight

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Plane Forced to Make Emergency Landing After a Couple Get Into a Fight
Thu 22-05-2014

An ugly fight between a husband and wife on a budget airline has caused the aircraft to make an emergency landing in Bali.

The fight, on a Scoot aircraft flying from Sydney to Singapore, was so vicious that it is understood the woman received a broken arm while the man suffered facial injuries.

In what appeared to be a flight from hell, a third passenger was so intoxicated that the crew were concerned he was a threat to others and he alone would have been a reason for the aircraft diverting and making an emergency landing in Bali.

One passenger, Iris Tan, from Sydney, was travelling on TZ1 to Singapore for her cousin’s wedding.

Iris Tan was sitting in the middle of the plane, so she did not witness the couple fighting, as they were seated in the front of the plane, and only saw the drunk man, who was at the back, when he walked through her compartment to exit the plane.

She was unaware a fight had taken place, but was told a medical emergency an hour into the flight meant they would have to stop in Bali.

The woman with a broken arm and man attached to a drip were escorted off the plane to meet with an ambulance when the plane landed in Denpasar.

When the flight landed, Ms Tan saw the man in his late 30s, with a drip attached to him, who seemed 'quite calm' leave the plane.

After half an hour waiting on the tarmac, two Balinese security guards boarded the plane and approached an intoxicated man who looked to be about 19- or 20- years-old.

As a result of the altercation, the woman suffered from a suspected broken arm and the man was also injured. Upon arrival in Bali, they were met by an ambulance.

Bali airport authorities said the three offloaded passengers had been interviewed by police, but no immediate details were known.

Source: Daily Mail