Students Learn About Marriage with Pretend Wedding

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Students Learn About Marriage with Pretend Wedding
Wed 01-02-2012



4 year old Molly Davidson smiled as she walked down the aisle to meet her groom 5 year old Kye Gauger!

The Minister began "Dearly beloved, we are gathered here today to PRETEND to join this beautiful young couple in holy matrimony".

Sugar N Spice pre-school arranged this "PRETEND" wedding to finish the lesson of marriage and family for the class of 4-year-olds.

Girls wore their pretty dresses and boys looked handsome with their bows as 2 of their classmates walked down the aisle.  The bride wearing an adorable tulle dress and the groom a very elegant tux!

"The Minister Brian Offut wanted to teach children about the value of family as God designed it and to provide understanding and structure in their future."

“I like teaching them that marriage is something special,” Minister Offut said.

 Director of Sugar N Spice, Laura Bryan, said "the students have practiced for a month by studying famous couples from the Bible and rehearsing their set roles for the ceremony".

Student's families, from parents to grandparents attended the wedding cheering their children on!

“When Molly saw her dress, she told me how beautiful it was. She was so excited to be the bride.” said the mother of the 4 year old bride.

“Do you know why we call marriage holy?” he asked the little groom, who shook his head, “Because, well, most importantly, God believes its special.”

The groom then stated “I Kye, pretend to take Molly to be my wife. I pretend, to have and to hold, to love, cherish, and honor as long as I shall live.”

"The audience stifled their laughter as the wedding closed and Offutt asked, “Well Kye, do you want to kiss the bride?" "o you want to kiss your bride?” to grandparents attended the wedding cheering their choldWith a strong shake of his head and a definite no, the wedding ended" reported Lubbock online.

Pretending or not this day will definitely stay in the memory of all those who attended!

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