Premarital Counselling Becoming More Popular in Saudi Arabia

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Premarital Counselling Becoming More Popular in Saudi Arabia
Sat 07-03-2015

More than three-quarters of Saudis believe premarital prep courses are “vital” to ensuring the success of marriage, according to a survey conducted by the Social Rehabilitation and Awareness Association.

The association announced the launch of courses for newlywed and engaged couples, focusing on the skills needed to manage marital relationships.

The association’s general supervisor Sheikh Mazin Al-Ferea, who is also a family counselor and educational expert, said the course focuses on the basic skills that a married couple needs during their life together.

The courses also shed light on the concepts of love and affection and how a married couple can build a loving, cooperative, and productive family.

He said: "So far, 2,606 young men and women have benefited from our courses."

"Saudi society has started to realize the importance of such courses and how they help participants acquire skills to manage crises and problems they face in their marriage journey."

The report blamed married couples for divorce because they did not realize or comprehend the responsibilities, duties, and rights attached to marriage.

Source: Al Arabiya