Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Part of New Exhibit

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Princess Diana's Wedding Dress Part of New Exhibit
Thu 13-09-2012

Princess Diana's most famous gowns and jewels will go on display at the Frazier History Museum.
The wedding gown worn by Princess Diana on her wedding day was shipped direct from Althorp Estate in England. Then carefully Graeme Murton and Nick Grossmark, the only two people allowed to touch the gown, unwrap it for it's Louisville debut.

"We have to be very very careful because it is getting old . It is still in very good condition . It was never actually white. A lot of people say to us, it should have been white and people think it was faded but it's not. It's always been ivory," said Graeme Murton.

They wear gloves to protect it, it's silk taffeta detailed with small sea pearls around the waist.

"This was lace designed to match the front which was a gift from Queen Mary to the Royal School of Needlework . Then they dyed that a lighter shade to the dress itself then embellished with all those sea pearls and mother of pearls sequins," said Nick Grossmark.

The gown itself is very light, in fact it only weighs roughly two pounds.

The exhibit also features more than a 150 objects, personal letters, home videos, pictures, 28 other gowns and of course plenty of diamonds and tiaras.