A Proposal, Engagement, and Wedding in 30 Minutes!

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A Proposal, Engagement, and Wedding in 30 Minutes!
Wed 26-02-2014

A couple stunned guests by having a wedding which took half an hour from “marry me?” to “I do”.

Even bridesmaids and best men had no idea that they would be taking part!

Michael Clark and Fay Brazendale’s family and friends turned up for what they thought was her 30th birthday.

But as Michael brought out the cake, he astounded the 120 guests by dropping to one knee and proposing. Straight after accepting, tearful Fay revealed the wedding would be taking place there and then.

Fay, 29, said: "The whole room was in shock. There was a huge intake of breath."

Fay said: "It has all been a whirlwind affair. I work as a party planner so I knew I wanted something different. We didn’t want a church or sit-down meal."

"The only people in on it were our parents, my best friend and my boss Julie Perry, who was helping us. I can’t believe nobody found out about it."

"I bought my wedding dress in secret with mum, and knew my bridesmaids sizes, so had their dresses and shoes waiting in a room."

"Michael had to do a lot of sneaking about in the best men’s wardrobes to find their sizes because he had no idea."

"When they were all called out of the crowd, they couldn’t believe it."

Fay’s boss Julie, who also arranged Wayne and Coleen Rooney’s nuptials, said: "I’ve been planning weddings for 20 years but this is the first time we have done one in 30 minutes from the proposal to the marriage."