Puppets Officiate California Couple’s Wedding

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Puppets Officiate California Couple’s Wedding
Thu 28-05-2015

A creative California couple had puppets officiate their wedding, shocking their guests and even close family members when the half-dozen dolls, including a purple priest, crashed the formal occasion last month.

Tammy Caplan and Joe Gold tested their loved ones' humor on April 25, when a purple puppet popped out of a stage set instead of a human officiant to help the two say their "I do's."

"We grew up watching 'Sesame Street' and we’re huge fans of 'The Muppets,'" Caplan told BuzzFeed Life. "Even our parents and the wedding party didn't know until the day before. They kept asking us, 'Who's the officiant?' and we said, 'It's a secret.'"

The 9-minute skit, posted on YouTube, was written by the lovebirds and coordinated with the L.A. Puppet School.