Ramadan Series: Women Looking For Love in Hekayat Banat and Banat Al-Eleh

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Ramadan Series: Women Looking For Love in Hekayat Banat and Banat Al-Eleh
Tue 07-08-2012

This Ramadan many series are starring Arab beauties from around the region! The women in "Hekayat Banat" and "Banat Al-Eleh" showcase different stories and personalities, to which any woman can relate to.

9 of these women are mainly looking for true love, and of course a husband. Each one of these young ladies has her problems, dreams, and personality.

In "Hekayat Banat":

Ahlam, played by Saba Mubarak, is a romantic girl who is looking for the perfect husband.

Salma, played by Dina El-Sherbini, has an outgoing personality and dreams of becoming famous.

Mariam, played by Reham Ayman, is a quite girl, who's engaged to a police officer, who doesn't give her attention, and she always ends up listening to her friends' advice.

Camelia, played by Horeya Farghali, is rich and powerful, and engaged to a well known businessman, who is also not so loyal.

In "Banat Al-Eleh":

Nesreen, played by Nesreen Tafesh, a tv and radio presenter, who is also a journalist in a magazine, engaged to a much older businessman.

Alia, played by Kenda Alosh, a serious magazine editor, who loves her job.

Ola, played by Qamar Khalaf, her parents' divorce when she was a child has affected her even after she grew up.

Mervat, played by Nazli Al-Rawas, a selfish and powerful woman, who is always jelous of her female cousins.

Shahd, played by Kenda Henna, a doctor who is good at heart and cares about other, and always puts her work first.

Which of these characters do you like best, and can relate to more?