Rayya Abi Rashed Talks about her Wedding Details!

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Rayya Abi Rashed Talks about her Wedding Details!
Wed 04-04-2012

The Arabs Got Talent presenter, Rayya Abi Rashed, reveals her wedding details.


Rayya's wedding ring is a 30 year old vintage diamond ring.

"This ring is priceless, it belongs to my husband's family, and they have been passing it on from one generation to the other." Rayya said.

She also said that she wore 2 dresses on her wedding, one of them was by Valentino.

"The first dress was by Valentino, whom I met while traveling, and he didn't hesitate to send me a dress I liked on an actress I saw at an event. I wore the dress on my wedding day and wore it again in one of the episodes on my show."

"The second dress was designed by my mom's best friend, and was very special and elegant."

What about her husband? This is what Rayya had to say:

"My husband is the brother of my best friend's husband, we met at a party, and immidiately liked each other, and fell in love."