Renowned UAE Designer Zareena Brings New Collection to Dubai's Fashion Forward Event

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Renowned UAE Designer Zareena Brings New Collection to Dubai's Fashion Forward Event
Wed 08-04-2015

Zareena, one of the most celebrated fashion designers to emerge from the Middle East, will bring her latest collection of dresses to the hugely popular Fashion Forward event, which attracts global experts and key influential figures from across the field.

Zareena (Persian for 'golden thread') continues to grow and evolve, Zareena has received praise for her timeless pieces, which embrace ethnic embroidery techniques and fabrics from across the globe, flattering women's bodies with a unique colour and dynamism.

Zareena established her fashion house in Fasateen, Dubai, in 1994. She has received such prestigious awards as Designer of the Year from L'officiel Middle East Magazine, Best Designer from the Emarat El Youm newspaper and Sayidaty Lifestyle Magazine.

2015 will mark Zareena's third appearance at Dubai's Fashion Forward (FFWD). This event is the Middle East's definitive fashion platform, seeking to drive the region's entire industry to greater and greater heights: it inspires and nurtures growth, allowing talent in all areas to showcase their breakthroughs. 


Zareena is proud to appear at FFWD again, and her collection is sure to be a hit with guests from across the globe. Her unparalleled flair for the exotic and innovative understanding of fulfilling a fabric's full potential has won her a client base of the world's most elegant women.

“Fashion Forward is always fun, exciting, and inspiring, bringing people from many different areas together, all sharing an inherent passion for fashion,” said a spokesperson for Zareena. “Over the years, Zareena has achieved monumental success, with an elite line of beautiful garments designed to make every woman look, and feel, like a princess. We have some stunning pieces to unveil for all guests, and look forward to seeing everyone there!”