Results of Toilet Paper Dress Competition

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Results of Toilet Paper Dress Competition
Fri 29-06-2012

From toilet paper, tape, glue and/or needle and thread contestants were asked to make a wedding dress and submit pictures to

The submissions were judged on creativity, originality, beauty and the use of toilet paper.

The winning design came from Susan Brennan, a 26-year-old aspiring artist and designer from Michigan. Brennan used 10 rolls of toilet paper to make her Bohemian Cupcake dress. She won the grand prize of $2,012.

A second-place prize of $1,000 went to Katrina Chalifoux, a 50-year-old electronics technician and mechanic from Tennessee. Chalifoux used 28 double toilet paper rolls to make her dress.


A third-place prize of $500 went to first-time contestant Jennifer Henry, a 31-year-old alternative material designer and stylist from Las Vegas. Henry used 36 rolls and no needle or thread. Instead she used packing tape and double-stick tape to keep her dress together.