Rihanna and Chris Brown Future Wedding Plans

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Rihanna and Chris Brown Future Wedding Plans
Thu 21-02-2013

According to her friends, Rihanna is planning a dream wedding with Chris Brown!

Rihanna says she will marry at her home island of Barbados after Chris told her he was ready to commit. 

Now the couple are planning a lavish wedding by the end of the year. But Rihanna will insist on a pre-wedding contract clause demanding, "Lay one finger on me and I’ll take everything."

Her friend commented: "She knows most of her fans and friends are against it, but gambled on appearing at his parole hearing in the hope it would show the world she really believes he’s changed. It’s all part of a much bigger plan for them to tie the knot, and Rihanna has said it will be in Barbados."

"She’s no fool and she will want strong assurances from Chris that he is as committed to their future as she is.
She wants him to sign a pre-nup stating no messing around with other girls, no lying, cheating and certainly he’s never to lay a finger on her again. If he breaks the deal then he will have to pay a fortune as a settlement. But Rihanna is telling him it’s the only way she can reassure people close to her that she’s not going mad by planning to go down the aisle with him." 

Rihanna wants to keep the ceremony small and intimate. "She feels too many people look down on their relationship," added the source. "So the last thing she wants is for a load of people to be there who don’t approve. So she’s planning a small guest list. Obviously there will be some really big stars there, but it will be mainly family and their closest friends."

"Rihanna wants it sooner rather than later," added the source. "She has waited long enough to be able to publicly say ‘we are still in love’ and doesn’t see the point in waiting forever.
But her mum and dad are asking her to at least take a few months to make %100 sure she is making the right decision. They’ve told her "Once you go through with this, there’s no going back!"