A Rise in Domestic Violence Against Men in Middle East

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A Rise in Domestic Violence Against Men in Middle East
Sat 20-10-2012

According to the latest figures released in the GCC, the rise in domestic violence against men is now becoming a trend!

Adriana MeBarr, a local relationship coach at Soul and Mind Coaching says: "Over the years I have dealt with increasing numbers of cases of domestic violence by women against men."
"I think that as women become more independent and less scared, they begin to gain more power in their relationship and unfortunately they see it as physical power."

According to the latest police figures in Dubai, 2 cases of husband beating were reported in 2009 and have reached to 7 cases in 2010.

Violent marital disputes also rose, with 95 in 2010 compared to 68 in 2009.

In Qatar, the figures are even more shocking with husband beating believing to account for almost every second domestic violence case, according to the Family Consultancy Centre in Qatar.

But, according to psychologist Dr Raymond Hamden, from Comprehensive Medical Centre in Dubai, the actual figures could be much higher as a lot of men are too scared or embarrassed to come forward and admit that they are suffering, a problem only reinforced by Hollywood movies.

"It’s rare that men will report physical abuse because it’s not considered very macho," says Dr Hamden. "However, it’s believed there are far more cases than the ones being reported."

The rise in domestic violence among men isn't just restricted to the Middle East as, according to studies carried out by the University of Pennsylvania, every American male has a %28 chance of being struck by a woman at some point in his life.

Dr Hamden adds that there are many forms of domestic abuse that don’t always end in violence but can be just as damaging to a relationship. "There are other kinds that are never reported. These include verbal, emotional, social and sometimes economic abuse as women often hold reign over the finances in the home and will control her husband that way."

He continues, "Sometimes the abuse will start by withholding credit cards, until he does what she asks. Other times, she will demand to know who he socializes with and it will progress from there."

So what is making women in the region lash out in such an aggressive manner? Dr Hamden argues that while it could be due to Western influences!
"Although it can’t be backed up with figures, it’s been suggested that the more educated women in the region become, the bolder they get and the more vulnerable men become to it as they don’t know how to react," he says. "However, you can’t just blame the West as we are influencing each other more and more and I've seen this trend across all cultures," he adds.

"I’m not sure if it’s a change in the men, or if women are gaining a new place in the relationship, but there seems to be confusion about identity. They live in a Muslim society, but women are more aware of their rights than ever before and are unwilling to back down. Unfortunately, their independence is coming out the wrong way."