Roberto Cavalli to Design Jennifer Lopez's Wedding Dress

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Roberto Cavalli to Design Jennifer Lopez's Wedding Dress
Thu 15-03-2012

After 7 years of marriage Marc Anthony and J.Lo got divorced!

They both did not waste anytime in finding new partners though, Jennifer who happens to be 42-years-old is dating 24-years-old (yes 24!) Casper Smart.

jennifer lopez
Marc Anthony also decided to show the world that he is over his ex-wife by tweeting pictures of him and Venezualan Model Shannon De lima.

marc anthony

Just a few days ago designer Roberto Cavalli tweeted that J.Lo called him to request a dress! "Today , Jenifer Lopez. Call me...... She ask me. To create a special dress. For her next wedding! Which color ... Do you advise me?"

But a close source from J.Lo claimed that Roberto Cavalli's account was hacked and that she in not planning on getting married anytime soon.
Was Cavalli's account really hacked? Stay tuned to find out!