Ronaldo's Crazy Wedding Plans Revealed!

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Ronaldo's Crazy Wedding Plans Revealed!
Fri 10-10-2014

Brazilian legend Ronaldo is tying the knot next year!

The 38-year-old World Cup winner is getting married next April to DJ Paula Morais.

The nuptials will take place in Buzios, a stunning beach resort 100 mies down the coast from Rio, on April 18. And April 19, and April 20.

The partying will continue the next day as well as Brazil celebrates a bank holiday, 'Tiradentes Day', in which Brazilians pay tribute to one of their martyrs of independence, the aforementioned Tiradentes, by having huge parties.

With an astonishing 1,000 guests invited and the entire resort booked out for the Ronaldo party, the wedding won't exactly come cheap, and considering that the great man is still paying alimony to three ex-wives (Milene Domingues, Daniela Cicarelli and Maria Beatriz 'Bia' Antony) it'll presumably be a bit of a sting in the pocket.

Source: Yahoo