Royal Indian Wedding in Dubai

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Royal Indian Wedding in Dubai
Fri 04-01-2013

A royal Indian wedding involving an aristocratic family from Kurnool in Andhra Pradesh is set to take place in Dubai and dazzle the city with all its traditional aspects.

Besides the groom dressed as a prince in a royal entourage, accompanied by a column of soldiers and a set designed as a castle, the wedding will bring together celebrities from the UAE, Turkey, Sri Lanka and Pakistan.

Some Indian ministers are also expected to attend this wedding of the daughter of Nawab Shahtaj Shaji Ul Mulk, founder and chairman of Sharjah-based Mulk Holdings.

A hall at the famous Atlantis hotel is being recreated into a mini palace for the main wedding event which is scheduled for January 4.

The groom, Bilal Muahid Khan, who has a degree in infrastructure engineering is settled in the US. He recently won an award for his design proposal of infrastructure study and solutions for the city of Charlotte. His father, Masood Nawaz Khan, is a cardiologist based in Charlotte.

The Khans also belong to a royal family and are distant relatives of Nawab Shaji Ul Mulk.

Indian Mela (carnival) will be the theme for the Mehndi ceremony, which is scheduled for January 3.

Performers like magicians, stilt walkers and rice carvers have been roped in for this event.