Saif Ali Khan Confirms Wedding in Maldives!

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Saif Ali Khan Confirms Wedding in Maldives!
Mon 30-07-2012

Saif Ali Khan recently put an end to all speculation surrounding his marriage to Kareena Kapoor, confirming that the wedding will take place in Maldives this December.
"The wedding is in Maldives...100 people...December not October!" Saif told Mumbai Mirror.
Saif's statement came a day after Kareena told the media that only her fiancé will make an announcement of the wedding.

Saif is apparently caught between the two most important women in his life and is finding it hard to make a decision on the marriage. Sharmila reportedly wanted the couple to settle down early, while girlfriend Kareena is giving top most priority to her career.

Though Saif wants to fulfill his mothers' wish, he simultaneously wants to save Kareena's blooming career from the jinx that a married actress will have in the film industry.