Saif Ali Khan on Life After Marriage

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Saif Ali Khan on Life After Marriage
Tue 22-01-2013

Saif Ali Khan has finally spoken about his life after marrying the beautiful Kareena Kapoor.

The makers of the movie "Race" are planning on making a sequel to the movie where Saif Ali Khan will be the star of and the are convinced that Kareena Kapoor would be the ideal choice to play a role in the movie.

Saif commented: "The filmmakers wanted a ‘hit’ film. Casting us together would have been a sure-fire way to see ‘Race 2’ flop."

He told Emirates 24|7 in a candid chat last week, when he was in Dubai to promote the thriller that releases in UAE cinemas on January 24, that it wasn’t a jest by a long shot.

"Kareena and I can never make a hit film together if we are cast opposite each other," he reiterated. "The problem lies in our level of comfort with each other."

"Comfort is the enemy of chemistry."

He further explained: "Strangers can share sizzling chemistry onscreen; that tension is the key element in cinema. If two people are so comfortable with one another, like Kareena and myself, that build-up in character simply does not exist."

Saif Ali Khan, of course, said he supports her and is confident that her acting career won’t take a hit post marriage.

"Today, I am confident that an actress in Bollywood can stay at the top despite being married."

And what about him? Have screaming female fans now moved on to the next single heartthrob in Bollywood?

"My career remains unaffected as well," he said. "However, I will say that a man should settle his home first and then move on to other things such as career. I am a settled man today."