Kareena's 5 Carat Diamond Ring

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Kareena's 5 Carat Diamond Ring
Wed 25-01-2012


Bollywood stars Saif Ali Khan known as Saifu, and Kareena Kapoor are planning their wedding very secretly.

Jewelers are creating a designer royal dress jewelry set, "The jewelry set is supposed to be a full dress necklace with a length of head to waist."

Emirates 24/7 reported "The city-based jewellery firm has received an order from a Mumbai based jewellery firm for Kareena Kapoor and making a 400 gm gold and gem jewellery set. It's a unique designer set which is generally used for royal weddings.The necklace will be studded with diamonds and other precious gem stones along with gold for designing and creating the necklace set.  The total cost of the set will be more than Rs 40 lakh (Dh294075) wherein the gold, diamonds and gems stones will be sourced from Mumbai."

Saifu has ordered a big beautiful 4-5carat diamond ring to dazzle Kareena.