Salim Mehajer's First Interview Since His Wedding

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Salim Mehajer's First Interview Since His Wedding
Mon 05-10-2015

Auburn council deputy mayor, Salim Mehajer, has given his first televised interview since his outrageous wedding that left him with a $220 council fine for road closures. 

Speaking to Channel Nine on Monday night, Mr Mehajer said he hoped to one day work his was up to 'the top spot,' in federal politics and claims that the harrassment allegations made against him are 'sheer evil and un-Australian.'

He also made bizarre interview requests, including that he be addressed from behind his own lectern and that his new wife Aysha stand two metres behind him for support.

'I don't believe I have what it takes to be a superstar but we will see what happens... If an opportunity knocks on my door, I'm always up for a challenge,' he said.

While he would not disclose how much the pair spent on their extravagant wedding, he said the day was 'for his wife,' as 'you only get married once.' 

'I grew up with six sisters so I tend to understand and respect the role of a female and how softhearted a female may be,' he told A Current Affair. 

The fine was issued to the wedding's organisers and related to the closure of Frances Street, Lidcombe, because of the traffic problems Mr Mehajer's huge wedding brought to the area. 

Mr Mehajer hired out four helicopters, while his fiancee Aysha travelled with an enormous procession of Ferraris, Lamborghinis and Harley Davidsons worth $50 million for the wedding extravaganza.

Source: Daily Mail