Saudi Abaya Designer Rana Radi The Next Big Saudi Designer

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Saudi Abaya Designer Rana Radi The Next Big Saudi Designer
Sat 22-06-2013

Saudi Abaya designer Rana Radi is known for her Abayas which represent the perfect mix between international trends and local traditions.

She started her business in 2003 when she was still in college.

Khaleeji Times reports that in 2008, Rana Radi opened her first boutique in Jeddah. She also launched her first collection of thobes and Ramadan jalabeyyas for women.

"I used to only design Ramadan abayas when I was in college because I didn’t have enough time to combine study and work," she said. "Word of mouth made my work gain in popularity. I would receive phone calls from people I never met and who were ready to order from my next collection," she added.

"I designed jalabiyyas because it is very easy for an abaya designer to design thobes. They are very similar when it comes to shapes and cuts but with different materials and fabrics," said Rana Radi.

She also talked about this season's designs: "I used different light and soft fabrics such as linens, light cotton and plisse because this year Ramadan is in the summer season and I want my clients to feel comfortable in their Rada Radi abayas," she said. "My cuts this seasons are about flowy and loose-fitting skirts and shirts. I designed the abayas like a jacket or blazer on top of a loose skirt. I used daring colors such as orange, tiffany blue, fuchsia and nude colors," she added.

The designer currently sells her collections in Jeddah.