Saudi Arabia Courts Run Out of Marriage Contracts

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Saudi Arabia Courts Run Out of Marriage Contracts
Fri 31-01-2014

Many prospective Saudi brides and grooms have run into an unexpected and frustrating delay in their attempt to tie the knot because some local courts have run out of marriage contracts.

Some courts have not had marriage contracts for the past 40 days, forcing assigned people to writing out these contracts, to delay signing contracts for couples, according to sources.

Mohammad Al-Babteen, director-general for marriage contract writers, told local media that his directorate received complaints from branches of the Ministry of Justice over the issue.

Al-Babteen said there was a problem with the distribution process from the ministry’s stores to its branches and to the courts. He said the ministry has contracts in its stores and can also print them out.

Newlyweds need these contracts to get family identity cards from the Ministry of Interior’s civil status department. The contracts have the couples’ names, dates of birth, size of the dowry, information about the woman’s guardian, the name of the official (Sheikh/Ma'zoun) who signed the marriage contract, his license number issued by the justice ministry, and any conditions agreed to by the couple.

The judges at civil status courts have to approve the contracts.

Source: Al Bawaba