Saudi Arabia: Men Held for Opening Fire at Wedding

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Saudi Arabia: Men Held for Opening Fire at Wedding
Wed 01-10-2014

Eastern Province police in Saudi Arabia, have arrested several suspects for opening fire at a wedding ceremony in Al-Mujamma.

After a thorough investigation, police were able to catch the criminals, who had ambushed the bridal motorcade, said a statement issued by police.

The arms used to ambush the celebration and bring the procession to a halt on King Abdulaziz Road were confiscated following their arrest and the men handed over to prosecutors.

The Ministry of Interior has repeatedly warned against the use of any type of firearms at ceremonies and celebrations, customary in small cities and villages, warning that this dangerous custom can lead to the death of bystanders and invitees.

Such traditions are rarely witnessed in big cities, where penalties are harsher.

Source: Arab News