Saudi Arabia: The One Million Riyal Dress

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Saudi Arabia: The One Million Riyal Dress
Mon 20-05-2013

Saudi fashion designer Rania Gamrawi used 1 million Saudi Riyals to make a dress.

Rania Gamrawi explains that the dress is intended to mark the Gulf's country national day!

The dress made of SR500 notes and crystal pieces was done in 3 weeks and is not for sale.


"The two dresses are completely contradictable as the first one cost SR1 million…the second one is of course very cheap as it included only garbage bags," she said, quoted by the Saudi Arabic language magazine Hiya.

“I was asked to design a unique dress to mark the national day and I thought of an innovative piece away from the traditional dresses..this money dress cost around SR1 million and it will be on show not for sale” she said.