Saudi Arabia Wedding Turns Into Tragedy From Celebration Gunfire!

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Saudi Arabia Wedding Turns Into Tragedy From Celebration Gunfire!
Fri 09-05-2014

Stray bullets from celebratory gunfire at a wedding in Saudi Arabia have left one person dead and two injured.

Police in Aseer province in the south west of the country confirmed that three men were injured, one fatally when shots were fired into the air by a group of people celebrating a wedding.

The country has been urging people to end the long standing tradition of firing into the air to celebrate happy occasions.

A zero-tolerance policy on firing a weapon was made following a noticeable increase in the number of people being injured, and some killed by stray bullets during public celebrations.

Abdullah Al Shaafan, a spokesperson for the police in the province was quoted by local news site, Sabq as saying: "An investigation team was dispatched to the location of the tragedy where they conducted their probe. The groom and his father as well as a number of men have been detained pending an investigation."

"All tribes and people have been warned by the authorities against resorting to firing in the air in jubilation. The law is to be applied if there is any violation."

People also took to social media, urging that the traditional practice should stop.

One blogger, Abu Tukri said such terrible habits might take the lives of innocent people.

Authorities in Saudi Arabia have assigned police to monitor venues such as wedding halls and palaces to ensure full compliance of the full law.

A study into the threats of falling bullets in the US found that they can reach speeds of 100 meters per second.

They can also penetrate the skull at about 70 meters per second and the skin at 50 meters per second.

Source: Daily Mail