Saudi Bridal Designer Turns Bride in Unconventional Bridal Gown

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Saudi Bridal Designer Turns Bride in Unconventional Bridal Gown
Wed 30-09-2015

Jeddah based bridal designer and expert, Reem Faisal, has decided to embark on a bridal journey of her own and intends to stun guests at her private wedding occasion with her lavish hand created, master crafted, couture bridal gown.

Reem Faisal has designed for over 2000 brides since the beginning of her career in 2007.

Guipure appliques in various colors are said to have used 70 spools of silk thread with Austrian crystals.

The gown is also supposed to include a 3-meter trail using French taffeta. The gown that took over 600 hours, and a team of 30 artisans to create.

The bridal gown will be revealed at 10:00 pm sharp on OCT 2nd, 2015, upon the onset of the wedding procession.

The venue of the private wedding will be at Al –Qasr hall at the Hilton hotel, Jeddah Corniche, in the presence of family and close friends from the regional fashion, art and media community.

Designer Reem Faisal expresses excitement towards her wedding creation saying: “ My gown is in essence, all the brides I’ve ever designed for, put together under the pretext of my own individuality. I’ve yet again nailed grandeur and exuberance in a subliminal manner.”

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