Saudi Bride Disfigured After Medical Mistake

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Saudi Bride Disfigured After Medical Mistake
Mon 21-04-2014

A Saudi family is trying to sue King Fahad Hospital in Al Madinah Al Munawara, after their daughter's stomach area got disfigured.

The young bride was supposed to get her stomach stapled 3 months before her wedding, but after the operation the doctors found that the skin was sagging in the abdominal area, which forced the doctors to cut the excess skin.

But after returning home, the wound got infected, so the doctors decided to do another operation to cut out the infected skin area.

The bride's sister explained that the bride's health is not getting any better, and she went under 4 operations so far.

The doctors had to take some skin from her thighs to add to her stomach and make it look better.

The bride's sister also said that they filed a complaint against the hospital. Saying that one of the doctors admitted the infection and pus are a result of a medicine overdose given to the bride with a needle to burn the fat.

According to Director of Health Affairs in Madinah Dr. Abdullah, the management of King Fahad Hospital confirmed the incident, indicating that the patient was exposed to severe infections in her wound , as a result of exposure to germs outside the hospital , and he immediately improved her condition after the last operation.