Saudi Citizens Demand to Ban Late Wedding Celebrations

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Saudi Citizens Demand to Ban Late Wedding Celebrations
Sun 09-02-2014

According to reports, many Saudi citizens are calling for the strict enforcement of regulations that ban late night wedding parties.

Wedding parties in Saudi Arabia usually last until the early morning hours, which has many negative social and security concerns. Citizens said banquet halls, like shopping malls, should close at a certain hour.

Naser Saeed said he once dropped his wife at a wedding and asked her to phone him when the function was over. He went back home and fell into a deep sleep. When the wedding was over, his wife called him but he did not answer the phone. She had to walk home alone.

Saeed said a number of youngsters harassed his wife on the way and she could have been attacked or kidnapped had it not been for a passing patrol car.

Adeni said it was important to force wedding halls to close early in order to prevent young men from gathering around after most male guests have left.

Some women have to take taxis to go home and this subjects them to possible harassment.

Amr Suwayed said ending wedding parties early allows the groom and the bride enough time to rest.

He criticized people who prefer to delay their weddings until early morning hours, especially during summer, claiming that the heat does not allow them to hold weddings earlier in the night.

Fouad Sebyani said late night weddings have many negative effects on families.

He said male members of the family have to stay up late and take care of the children when women go to wedding parties, making it difficult for them go to work next morning.

Salha Al-Dosari said she once witnessed a scene during a wedding party that she will never forget.

"The groom wanted to leave with his bride but the bride's mother refused and wanted her daughter to stay until all guests have left. The groom was very angry and left the wedding without his bride," she said.

Source: Saudi Gazette