Saudi Father Picked as Groom Instead of Son

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Saudi Father Picked as Groom Instead of Son
Fri 24-01-2014

A Saudi man who went with his son to ask for the hand of the girl his son loves, was told by her father that he wants him, not his son, as a husband for his daughter.

When he was out of his shock, he agreed to marry the girl.

The man had just started to discuss arrangements for the marriage of his son to that girl at her house in Riyadh when her father told him he does not approve of the marriage on the grounds his son is "not suitable" for his daughter.

"He then told the boy’s father that he does not mind him as a husband for his daughter given his good reputation as a responsible and well behaved man," Sada daily said.

"After a while, the father agreed to the marriage as the shocked son looked on...the son then angrily stormed out of that house, leaving his father and the girl’s father discussing arrangements for that marriage."