Saudi Man Divorces Wife on Live Radio Program

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Saudi Man Divorces Wife on Live Radio Program
Wed 27-02-2013

Taking the advice of an Islamic scholar, a Saudi man divorced his wife by telephone on a live radio show which discusses marital issues.

The man called the radio show and complained to the presenter Sheikh Ghazi Al Shammari, that his wife defied him and traveled to another Saudi city for a company business conference, saying she offended his manhood.

The unnamed man told host that when they married, he accepted his wife’s demand to work provided this would not interfere with their marital life.

He said his wife phoned him from the airport and told him she insists on travelling and then he asked Sheikh Ghazi Al Shammari what to do.

Ghazi Al Shammari told him to divorce her as a punitive measure for committing such a mistake against her home and husband…the husband quickly agreed and divorced her by telephone during the live programme although the host advised him to remarry her if she repents.

Sheikh Ghazi Al Shammari said he advised the man to divorce his wife to deter other wives to follow suit, adding that “alien habits” have become widespread in the Saudi society.

"Some Saudi women just want to blindly imitate the west by travelling on their own without their husbands, which contravenes Islamic tenets," Ghazi al Shammari said whose programme “marital secrets” is aired on MBC radio.