Saudi Man Marries for One Day

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Saudi Man Marries for One Day
Sat 09-02-2013

Mohammad Ibrahim has been tricked to marry a divorced woman seeking to return to her husband.

Islamic scholars had told the woman and her ex-husband that she must marry another man before she is permitted to return to him.

The woman dialed a random number and Mohammad answered, she decided he was the right person to lie to.


4 months after Mohammad knew her, he agreed to marry her after he was flooded with love words.

On the next day of their marriage, Mohammed Ibrahim woke up in the morning apparently expecting to hear more love words. But his guess was totally wrong.

"Instead, she asked me to divorce her after I paid her SR75,000 dowry for the marriage," he told the Saudi MBC television.

"I then discovered that she used me as a bridge to return to her first husband….she then went to court and divorced me…when I asked her to give me my money back, she swore before a sheikh (Islamic scholar) that I did not pay her any dowry."