Saudi Marries 2 Women On The Same Night

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Saudi Marries 2 Women On The Same Night
Thu 23-01-2014

A Saudi groom surprised his guests when he walked in with 2 brides on his wedding day! 

The reason he married 2 women at the same time is that the groom was encouraged by his first wife to marry again so he will get children as she has been infertile since their marriage.

The reluctant husband finally agreed and the new wife was even picked by his first wife. After the new marriage contract was finalized and the wedding date was set, the first wife began to feel sick.

"She was later told that she was pregnant," the Saudi Arabic language daily Al Jazeira said in a report from the western Saudi town of Taif.

"But she insisted that her husband should go ahead with his second marriage. She then donned a wedding dress and joined the second wife for the wedding party to celebrate her husband’s marriage and her pregnancy."