Saudi Men Use Twitter to Complain About Bridal Dowry

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Saudi Men Use Twitter to Complain About Bridal Dowry
Wed 10-10-2012

Several Saudi men who have taken to Twitter to boycott women in general unless bridal dowry isn't revised to make it easier on their wallets.
The Arabic hashtag, which was soon trending on the micro blogging site yesterday, roughly translates to "Campaign to boycott girls until bride price is reduced."

Within minutes the battle lines were drawn and both sexes were swearing of marriage until a lasting solution was drawn.

Perhaps the most vocal of them, a Saudi Girl tweeted out: "Most Saudi men complain that women’s expenses are too much for them. Saudi men boycotting women are hoping to pay one wife dowry and get three more wives for free. Many Saudi men don’t mind paying for a car or travel but it’s always too much to pay for women’s expenses."

Jay, another Saudi national, tweeted out to all the men: "Yeah, let’s see how long you’ll keep," in response.

Mubarak Abdulrazzaq tweeted: "Kuwaitis should do the same; I’ll prefer driving Gallardo [Lamborghini] than paying those 18K for a chick."

Abur said: "If there is room in the family for the mothers, they will find place for all the spinsters too."

Abadi Mansouri raised the question of bridal dowry in its entirety, saying: "Normally you have to pay money for travel, the car. Why for marriage? Also, shouldn’t the father be paying you a dowry amount to take you out of his house?"

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